COVID related travel restrictions in Canada

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The new travel restrictions are excessive.

We support the necessity of  quarantine and mandatory testing before the travel and upon arrival to Canada in order to protect Canadian residents. Many of Canadian residents have family and business connections abroad which makes travel unavoidable.  In this respect, new travel restrictions are excessive and counterproductive.

The newly published travel restrictions are counterproductive by requiring 3 days mandatory quarantine in the hotel. People who quarantine at the hotel will be exposed to hotel staff and other guests, while their homes remain empty. The hotel guests may be denied access to health necessities, such as medications. The fact that the government is ready to release people home in three days implies that they have means at place to monitor proper quarantine procedures at people's homes. There is no reason not to start the quarantine at home from day 1.

Those who  are ready to spend money on leisure in these circumstances will not be stopped by the additional 3 days at the hotel or the 2000$ price. While it will adversely affect those who need to travel for essential reasons, especially people with limited financial resources.

Three days at the hotel will not protect and instead, expose the public to  new COVID 19 variants.