COVID 19 Approved & Private Day home Economical Impact - Canada

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Sick Leave or a Federal Plan for Approved and Private day homes in canada.

Due to COVID19 our industry is a high risk for economical disaster, we do not have access to sick leave benefits or EI.

Approved and private day home workers are self-employed, and rely on working parents to book childcare to produce revenue to pay both business and personal bills. How are we expected to survive through what’s happening beyond our control if there’s no financial plan in place to help protect us such as a sick leave benefit and/or EI, so that we as well can make the right decision to close for the health of our families and communities. I, as well as many others are experiencing cancelations from my day home clients. Some of us have even been impacted by school and other business closures that have resulted in parent lay offs. We as day home providers have no paid time off, sick leave for self-employment, or can justify financially to close our business for a minimum of 2 weeks while we try to social distance. Child care services are essential right now- we understand that, however if we are told that we have to close until further notice like schools and child care centers, or we get COVID19 or have to self isolate for other reasons the impact of social distancing is going to create a struggle and we may need to remain open because we have no other resources, or have to permanently close our business. potential bankruptcy I’m sure might even be something that some may have to consider. Our industry is a close contact operation with the children in our care, we are exposed to airborne transmission with every possible child and parent(s) that come into our business which is also our homes. We also often deal with those who have traveled or plan to travel and this puts us at high risk for catching or carrying COVID-19, and then passing it on to an entire day home family or our own family prior to showing any signs or symptoms.

The need for financial assistance/approved sick leave in order for us to implement social distancing  is needed immediately for those who do not work as paid employees and not eligible for regular EI sick leave benefits. 

I am hoping this will help get us the financiall  resources we need and reach the powers that be so we can properly social distance to keep our communities and families safe. It will also save the Approved  and private day home industry from economical disaster.


Sarah Adamson

Private day home owner and operator 

Calgary, Alberta.