Covid-19 Aesthetics / Salon / Massage Industry Warning & Economic Impact

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For Spa Salon Owners and Independent Contractors  
We need to cancle all non essential service’s. were being told social distancing is at most importance and it has impacted many industry’s.

The beauty industry is a hands on / face to face industry that is extremely high risk and nonessential . Because of such close contact with our clients all salon/spa owners, independent aestheticians, cosmetologists, nail technicians, massage therapist, eyelash technicians stylist and more are putting ppl more at risk each day. 

Many in this industry are self-employed, meaning we don’t have axess to sick leave and rely on clients booking appointments to produce revenue to pay both business and personal bills. When closing the doors to a business like ours many will not be able to stay a float and we are not entitled to help at this time.

Without a plan in place many business will struggle with the Decision to apply social distancing. Some may need to remain open causing more harm than good because we have no other resources, or face a risk of possibly permanent closer & consider that potential bankruptcy may be ahead for us.
I’m know this is something that has to be considered when making our decisions in the upcoming days. 

In my situation I am an oncology esthetician and there are many trained in this area. That means we have many clients coming through our doors who are Immuno compromised. These women are at the highest risk for catching airborne or surface transitions. Im most worried about unknowingly carrying COVID-19, and passing it on to an entire clientele prior to showing any signs or symptoms as most of our clients are traveling or have already traveled. We have regulations in place to be of the utmost highest levels of health & sanitation we also do screen clients to see if They have been away. but that doesn’t seam to be enough to keep them out of the salon. Just yesterday we had found out after there appointments that two of our clients had been out of the country after already being asked. We Also have a pregnant employee who we would also like to protect and we are finding it imposable to follow the guidelines of social distancing in this industry. Just to name a few service's that Close contact is unavoidable in:  

Facials- face to face as well as hands on face. 

Hair - face to face & hands on service

Manicures - hands on hands

Massage - full body contact

Lash extensions lash lifts & tint- hands on forehead. Face to face 1hr or more.
As well as tools in eye area

Makeup - face to face as well as makeup brushes on face

Our esthetics and salon industry has a very high risk of cross contamination on a good day and this has allways been a concern in the industry and we do our very best to keep our standards as high as posable Especially those in oncology aesthetics but in this situation the risk seams just to high!

Aesthetics’s have no governing body like most industry’s. The Collage Of Massage Tharipist last night advised to pause on non-essential services. The College of chiropractors also advised to stop all non-essential services the College of obstetricians advised to stop all nonessential essential services. If we follow these guide lines & as much as I would love to believe we are important the fact is that we would be considered a non-essential service. Not many spas have access to this information from the College of massage therapists, optometrist and chiropractorsof Ontario. unless they have them as members of there staff.

The spa and salon world would be considered under this category of a non-essential service. Having been in this industry as a second generation cosmetologist we are a well known spa, yesterday I was Contacted by multiple other spas and salons wondering what we were going to do. It’s hard to give advice when we’re not sure as well and everyone’s in such different economical situations. Everyone is scared of the outcome of not being able to pay the rent mortgage and business expenses in order to keep their selves, clients, staff family’s healthy.

At this point Its in our communities best interest to turn to you for guidance regarding our industry direction. My hope is that you can forward this letter in the right direction as well as to our health minister to advise them of the high risk this industry may have in spreading the virus.

Please help us to ask for some sort of plan of financial assistance/approved sick leave in order for us to implement the governments request of social distancing and for the workers who are off with there children. This is needed immediately for those who do not work as paid employees and not eligible for regular EI sick leave benefits. 

Corrie Gallant - The Beauty Barn Spa

Spa / Salon Owner & Oncology Aesthetician
Brantford, Ontario