Counseling support and direct flight from Toronto to Tehran

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Dear Mr. Trodeau, 

On behalf of the Iranian-Canadian citizen of Canada, I hereby represent to you a challenge most of us have been facing within the years of living here. This challenge breaks down to firstly, the length of flights back to Iran. Secondly, our safety. As the tragic lose of our brilliant community members accused; we have come to a realization that how significant having a relationship with our extended family is. Iran is our home town; and when someone immigrated somewhere they take their land with them. Forgetting our home town is impossible, but at the same time visiting our hometown is dangerous and expensive. As a Canadian citizen, we would like to ask you to set a direct flight from Canada to Iran. This flight may end up way cheaper in price range and assure our safety in a way. Visiting family members is not the only resons for going back to Iran. Office works such as updating our birth-certificate, processing visas for our family members to visit us here and passport renovation are nessecary things that could not be done somewhere outside of Iran. One other thing that concerns us all is not having  consular assistance offices nearby. Please help us by creating accessible consular offices for us. If these counselor offices are in Tehran and Ottawa us and our families would be relieved and we would not go through the trouble of travelling all the way to Turkey. We all appreciate your effort and how you stand by us. 

Thank you!