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Convince the Canadian government to send water to Cape Town.

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Cape Town, South Africa is a major metropolitan city who's success is important to South Africa and to the global community. The city is currently experiencing the worst drought in a century and even with heavy water restrictions, the city will hit "day zero" on April 12. This is when the city will turn off all water to the city except to  hospitals. This day will surely come sooner if current water use trends continue and if nothing is done. The city has started several projects to get more water access from different resources but these projects will not be finished in time nor be good enough to prevent "day zero." This is why I propose the Canadian government send foreign aid to Cape Town in the form of fresh water. Canada has the most water of any country in the world so I believe we have a sort of a responsibility to help the water scarce city, at least until Cape Town finishes its water desalination plants and other projects. We have the resources to transport large amount of liquid with oil tankers and the economic costs pale in comparison to the good it would do for the city and it's over 4 million inhabitants.

Please sign and share this petition. Even if it gets little recognition, spreading the word would help fight towards a solution by this government or by another entity. Thank you everyone for your support. Have a blessed day.


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