Control of COVID-19

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As we know the spread of COVID-19 has increased throughout the world and in Canada. We see countries such as China going into a country-wide lockdown and cases have now dropped significantly. We have begun that by telling people to stay home, limiting gatherings of over 50-250 people depending on the place, and shutting down public areas with high volumes of people. Problem is that people are still gathering and going about as if there is no worry in our country. In order to save our country from the facing the same fate as Italy, Spain, China, and the U.S. we should shutdown our country for at least two weeks. I say this because If people are locked down for the duration of symptoms of COVID-19 to appear we will not have the disease spreading, making it easier to control. Instead of prolonging this for months or waiting for a cure, let’s attack now and isolate our country so that we can remain safe.