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Close the Gender Pay Gap

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Women get out paid by men in 352 trades, when women have higher salaries in only 9. This is not a coincidence; and the gender pay gap needs to be closed. It has gotten better, going from women making 50 cents to the male dollar in the early 1900's, to now only 87 cents to the dollar. This is still an issue and with the women's rights movement trending more than it ever has, the gender pay gap should be one of the first issues to be solved when talking about gender inequality. I care because my mother works tirelessly, sometimes working full 16 hour days off of 4 hours of sleep, and yet she still makes less than her male counterparts. The gender pay gap needs to close, and the government can help by regulating pay given to an employee by all industries in Canada. The Canadian government can also give financial aid to women attempting to enter university in the business division, which has the largest difference in pay between genders. This needs to be fixed!

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