Clean Water for Indigenous Peoples in Canada

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The Great Lakes contain 18 percent of the world’s fresh surface water. In Ontario, they are a large, greatly-depended upon resource for residents who are connected to this particular water source. 

However, the Great Lakes Basin is full of toxins and pollutants that contaminate the water & make it unhealthy and dangerous to consume. 

It is estimated that more than 90 billion litres of the waste that is dumped into the Great Lakes each year is untreated sewage. That is the equivalent of dumping more than 100 Olympic swimming pools of raw sewage into the Great Lakes each day!

This basin drains into the Great Lakes water supply, which is designated for the Indigenous peoples’ reserves located on the coast.

Although Canada prides itself as a highly developed, first-world nation, the lack of Federal government action towards this water crisis clearly exhibits the environmental discrimination and injustice towards Indigenous peoples in Canada.

The government regulates water quality for off-reserve communities, but has no binding regulations for water on Indigenous reserves. Collectively, we can raise awareness and support to push for social change!

It is a fundamental human right to have clean, safe drinking water, and it is unacceptable that the Canadian government [namely Trudeau’s party in power, most recently] has failed to provide this to Indigenous communities for decades, whilst failing to live up to treaty agreements and personal promises made by the state and PM Trudeau. 

Please sign this petition to push the Canadian federal government on taking legally binding action on ensuring and providing accessible, clean, safe water and adequate living conditions that Indigenous peoples live in, every signature is one step closer to clean water and a better future. 

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