Urgent plea to the the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for Asylum

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I am a 24 years old Christian of the Pakistani origin, I was beaten and tortured by the religious groups in Pakistan I went to the police but the Pakistan police was of no use since when the victim is of the Christain faith they are never willing to help, I was then falsely accused of committing the blasphemy of the Islamic religion that carries the death sentence in Pakistan most recently a professor was killed by his own students due to false blasphemy charges https://www.voanews.com/a/student-charged-with-killing-professor-over-anti-islam-remarks/4844929.html in another case Christian man and his pregnant wife were roasted alive in the brick kiln Christian couple burnt and the Pakistani court exonerated all the accused who burnt them alive killers released the most famous is the case of the Asia Bibi a Christian Pakistani woman and a mother of five was sentenced to death on the false charges of the blasphemy edia.org/wiki/Asia_Bibi_blasphemy_case

I have been booked under the same law which means I could be killed by the mob before I could even be tried by the court, when I was leaving Pakistan it was almost impossible I was ceased at the airport and I was old that I could not board the flight but when I began to record the video the western people waiting for their flight intervene and because of that the immigration officer hurried to me but before they could let me go they put the cancel stamp on my passport which means that if I return back to Pakistan i would be identified by the immigration authorities and will be held by them, here is the link to the video that I recorded on the airport Pakistani Christian detained at the airport I am in the third country right now but in very tough situation, first, all the funds that I brought from my home country has already been used, secondly, I am not allowed to work since I have no legal status here and thirdly, I do not speak the language of this country.

I have seen that Canada is very open to those who flee persecution as the Prime Minister of Canada take pride in saying that, I want to extend my request to him to grant me an asylum in Canada as the Canadian government has already accepted thousands of Syrian refugees , please share this petition to Prime minister of Canada at justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca , I could also be reached at nabeelgill49@gmail.com