Stop Our Abuser From Victimizing or Killing My Son! Reform child abuse laws!

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The little boy you see in the picture whose face is blurred out to protect his identity, is the victim of domestic abuse perpetrated by none other than his own father. Who will be held responsible when he finally takes my son's life? By will be too late. Please read and sign this petition to seek justice.

In 2012 my life would change forever. I didn't know it then, but it was the start to the end of the rest of my life, decided by one single person. 

SS (name not included due to current publication ban) played the part well - loving father, hard working, hard done-by...someone you would be lucky to spend the rest of your life with. But the facade that he portrayed was a dangerous one. One that I fell for, and one that has led me to where I am today. 

The abuse started almost as soon as he convinced me to move in with him. I still remember the first time he snapped like it was yesterday. I remember the disbelief. I remember the fear. I remember waiting for him to stop with my eyes shut and the thought of what would happen to his son if he did end up killing me that night. And as quickly as it started, it was over. I feared for my life and for his son. I decided that I was already involved so I had to stay to protect the child who had been abandoned by his own mother. He was a 5 year old little boy who shared a home with the famous Monster Under The Bed, who tiptoed around so not to wake the beast, and who had been a victim of abuse perpetrated by his own father. I decided that night that his life was worth more than mine, so I stayed. I needed to protect him.

The months passed by. The abuse was constant - too frequent to count. I witnessed things people should never witness, felt emotions I didn't know I was capable of feeling, knew fear better than I knew myself at this point, and prayed every single day for an escape. 

My first son was born in 2013. He weighed 8lbs 6oz and had the most gorgeous little eyes that I had ever seen. His ears stuck out a bit - just like his mum and he instantly became the love of my life. I hoped the birth of my son would wake SS up. I hoped for him to change for all of our sakes - to save our lives from his own hands knowing full well I would never have an escape. "You're stuck now" he would say, after my son eas born. In his eyes he had now trapped me. He promised that if I ever left, he would kill my son. He never changed, and the day my son was born by c-section was no different than any other. The abuse continued and my son's life was threatened for the first time.

For the next 6 months I protected those children with my life. I shielded them with my own body, begged him to hurt me instead of them. The threats became constant. "I will kill that fucker..." was his go-to. 

The courts have kept me from releasing the details of his criminal case. They won't allow me to share the gruesome details. What I can say though is that this monster was convicted on numerous charges of a multiple charge trial. That was in 1 jurisdiction. Several other convictions in another and a prior assault and uttering threats conviction from the first time I got away. Even after I escaped with the children, we were victims of his torment and abuse. Several new charges ensued even after our escape.

His rap sheet is now quite lengthy. Criminal harassment, obstruction of justice, assault, uttering threats to kill and harm my son and I and threats of arson are only some of his many convictions. 

He has been allowed to walk free. He was given an 18 month house arrest sentence which has allowed him to further victimize my family. He has also gained access to the child who he was intent on killing - my now 3 year old autistic son. I have fought a long, hard battle in the family court system, only for him to be granted access. All the while in my mind, I know he will kill my son when given the chance - not unfounded fears. He promised.


We, the undersigned citizens of Canada, respectfully request the following:

That the "best interests of the child" as defined by the Children's Reform Act include greater protection to child victims of abuse and Domestic Violence, so that they may not be further victimized by their parent abusers. This should include the termination of parental rights to the abuser should allegations be found to be true beyond a reasonable doubt, in other words; where one (or both) parents have been convicted of abuse in any form towards a child. It is in no child's best interest to continue an abusive relationship with a parent. If these children were adults, we would deemthe situation toxic and tell them to get as far away from the abuser as possible. Because they are children, we force a relationship that was never there and will never be possible. Too many children have died as a result.

We make this request recognizing that children are the most vulnerable members of our society and who rely solely on us to ensure their saftey and protection and for the deterance and denunciation of people who are convicted of harming them. Further, it has been well-demonstrated in research that those who offend by means of Domestic Violence and abuse often revictimize and continue the cycle of abuse.