Charge fentanyl death dealers in BC

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I lost my baby sister to an accidental fentanyl overdose on December 16, 2016 in Surrey. She was 33 years old.
After her death, the police were able to tell my parents that they had identified the drug dealer that provided her with the deadly cocaine. They also mentioned that he was known to them. They went on to say that she wasn't alone when she died. Then the police told my parents that my sister had likely been robbed by the person that left her without doing a thing to help her. The police finished by saying that they were not going to pursue any charges or any further investigation.
For nearly two years now I have struggled with the knowledge that the police had everything that they needed to move forward with a case but chose not to, thereby unmistakably saying that my sister was somehow less than worthy of the justice that would be sought had she been murdered in any other way. Worse yet - thousands of families across BC have all been given the same message. Our loved ones were all human, wonderful and flawed like the rest of us, and they were all loved and not one of them deserved what they got.
For two years now, we have been inundated with terrifying statistics with regard to fentanyl yet I can likely count the total arrests in BC on one hand. Across Canada, dealers everywhere are being charged with manslaughter for their involvement in the deaths of their customers. Everywhere in Canada, except BC. Why is that?
If the Canadian Criminal Code is the same across Canada and the RCMP works to the same mandate country-wide, why is there such disparity? Why is it being ignored in BC?
Every single day since I lost my sister has been hell. I have trouble sleeping, medical issues, depression, anger and all encompassing grief. I have lost the ability to feel joy and the capacity to trust. I am the walking dead. I am just one person, but I guarantee that for every life lost in this epidemic, there are a dozen walking dead left behind.
I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone.

I’m begging for change in how BC is dealing with the fentanyl crisis.

Nothing will bring my sister back and I know that justice for her is a fairy tale, but until the death dealers are charged and held accountable for the lives they have taken, every subsequent life lost will have been a preventable tragedy that was allowed to happen.

The citizens of BC deserve better.