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Changing Political Parties isn't working, it's time to change the Political System...

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Our racist, First Past the Post (FPTP) voting system was created by white, male European bureaucrats in England almost 200 years ago.  This system fostered a culture of patriarchal control and oppression over others of different cultures as well as women and children.

Our modern, multicultural society requires a system wherein ALL people have an equal voice in deciding the policies of our Nation.

The only way we will ever experience this freedom is throughA system of Proportional Representation.
Proportional Representation would bring about a change in electoral systems to improve how public desires are expressed in election results.

Proportional representation (PR) is any voting system designed to produce a legislature in which each party’s proportion of seats closely reflects the proportion of the vote received by the party.

For example - if a party gets 39% of the national vote they would get roughly 39% of the seats in the legislature.

In our current  First Past the Post voting system, your vote can be wasted, and sets a continual loop of voting for the most popular 2 parties, and those that vote for a grassroots party or an Indigenous party lose their representation and thus their vote.  This discourages minorities from voting as they feel they aren't represented.  The rich, white, "old stock" Canadians and their corporate cronies maintain constant control.  They fill their cabinets with token minority groups to appease the masses, while limiting the actual voice of the voter.  With first past the post, if you don't vote for the most popular party as opposed to voting on principle, your vote doesn't matter.

With Proportional Representation, we can make sure  ALL votes matter!

The Federal Liberal Government in Canada currently hold a Majority Government with only 39% approval from those that voted. Of the 39% of the voters who voted for a Liberal candidate in 2015 many did not end up with a Liberal MP in their riding so their voices as Liberals from their particular part of the country are not represented in the House of Commons either.

In the  2015 federal election, only 66% of people of voting age actually turned out to vote.  There are approximately 35 million people living in Canada.

24.6% of Canadians aren't legal voting age.....

That's 8.6 million people.... So, out of the 26.4 million people that ARE voting age, only 17.4 million turned out to vote.

That's (approximately) 50% of Canadians. Now, he only got 39.5% of the vote, so only 6.9 million people voted Liberal...

6.9 million people out of 35 million is 19.7%

The Liberal Government controls a majority government but represents less than 20% of the population...

Our government needs to represent the people, to do the will of the people and work together to set goals and solve problems collectively for the good of the people, a diverse and beautiful people.

We are CANADA.

It's time that we send a message to our representatives.  


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