Change the mental health act of B.C. - A 17 year old is a child, NOT an adult!

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Mr. John Horgan, Mrs. Judy Darcy, Mr. Adrian Dix and Mr. Justin Trudeau...this must change! 

Fellow parents of British Columbia...did you know that as per the mental health act of B.C., a 17 year old is considered an adult? So what can you do as a parent when your child is incapable of making good, healthy decisions in regards to their own mental health? You as their parent can't do anything! You're privy to nothing! Hours upon hours of crying, frustration, phone calls, visits to the police station, the hospital and the MLA's office and no one can help you, because your 17 year old child is an adult in the eyes of mental health in B.C. A parent has no say in their 17 year old childs mental health. If your child is 17, and having mental health issues, you will be given no information...nothing! Your 17 year old child is allowed to make their own decisions, no matter what mental state they are in.

At this very moment, we are going through this with my step daughter. Her father and mother are helpless in the fight to help their child. They have been advised that she can release herself from the hospital, and make any and all decisions in regards to her own mental health (despite her current incapability of doing so), because at 17, she is deemed an adult. In the eyes of the law and police she's a child/juvenile until 18. In the eyes of the federal maintenance enforcement program, she's a child until she's 19 (we pay "child support" until a minimum of 19 yrs old). In the eyes of child and family development, she's a child until 18. So why, as per the mental health act of B.C. is she an adult at age 17?

The age when you're considered an adult should be the same across the board when it comes to mental health, the law, child and family development and FMEP. Why are they not? A 17 year old is still in school. They are children...they are not adults!

This could be you, like us, as a parent of a 17 year old with very serious mental health concerns. Do you want to have a say in regards to your childs mental health? Well if your child is 17, and this happens to your child, you currently have no say!

Please, help me change this in the mental health act and sign this petition, for my husbands child and for your own children. I hope no one else has to go through what we are right now!