Change our Consent Laws, Protect our children. Quit giving predators the power

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On April 13th my daughter went to a party, a couple day's later every fathers nightmare started playing out in front of my eyes.

My 15 year old daughter had been raped by 2 boys 16 years old. Sunday April 15th my daughter informed my wife and I.

I spoke with the RCMP officer that attends my daughters school with the advice to hang up and call 911 to report it. Here is where the worst mistake of my life starts... I picked up the phone and called 911

5 people later I get transferred to an officer who advises us to get our daughter to a hospital immediately, rural hospital is about 45 min west of me and city hospital about 45 min east, we decided to go to rural being more private and less likely of a busy waiting room and thats where we live.

My wife was greeted by RCMP at the hospital and informed a short period later that they can not in fact perform a sexual assault kit at this hospital and my daughter would be required to go to the city hospital.

2 hours later they arrive to meet me at the hospital in the city to perform the sexual assault kit....mistake number 2 for our family, i'll explain more about why later.

Sexual assault kit was taken and 7 hours later we were on our way home to meet the RCMP to give them my daughters clothing which was collected as evidence.

Through the course of the investigation, it's come to our attention as the police put it "my daughter asked for it", i'm sorry but my daughter is 15 years old and legally could not consent to sex, but our laws allowed her to. She had also been drinking at the party and was reported as seen extremely intoxicated but again our consent laws say she consented to being raped. and even more scary and frustrating as a father, i'm sure you've heard about the recent GHB seizure in a rural Alberta community, well Mr Trudeau, Premier Notley, this is my community, not very far at all from my front doors...

We've since come to the conclusion that more than likely the date rape drug was used on my daughter, however it only stays in the blood system for 8 hours and 12 hours in urine, by the time my daughter's sexual assault kit was done it was far past this, and while sure it probably would have been too late in the rural hospital, making her drive 2 hours to another hospital only helped to ensure my daughter would never see justice.

Did you know that if you have a 15 year old minor and slip the date rape drug into their drink, get them to consent as long as you are within 5 years of age then nothing illegal has happened as the likelyhood of proving who administered the drug is slim to none...

Did you know our entire system is broken from the minute I called 911 to report it, to her being sent to another hospital to the point my daughter had to receive someone elses blood in a vaccine to protect her from disease and 3 days after it was administered Alberta Health Services called us and told us that it would have to be redone.

To the Laws allowing my daughter to receive justice.

Instead, 2 boys who in my opinion raped my daughter are at school believing they did nothing wrong, and while I am not able to prove 100% directly that my daughter was given GHB, the local seizure and the connected people around it are directly tied to the community and people at the school these boys attend and the circumstances around my daughters story, sure lead me to be pretty damn sure.

Why does my daughter not have the right to consent?
Why does my daughter not have the right to seek justice?
Why do our laws allow this.
Some may call it being caught up in the system, I call it downright disgusting and will scream from the heavens that laws need to change.

No one ever wants to have this conversation and I see now today we announced that we are going to start discussing consent in school, how about we start discussing it outside of school with the laws that seem to take my daughters right to consent away.

Our laws in Canada protect the predators and victimize the prey and it needs to change, change can't happen unless someone makes it happen.

I'm the one who's going to make it happen.