The stoppage of Justin Trudeau's "assault weapons" ban

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After the shooting in NS, Justin Trudeau decided to ban "assault weapons" in Canada. That is not a term, nor has ever been a term for a civilian gun. Guns do not kill, people do. Blame the unlawful people that are charged daily with no vaild PAL, and guns that generally come from the United States. No ban on calibre, magazine size, or type of rifle would have ever stopped the catastrophe in Nova Scotia. Banning weapons is only creating a larger national debt (enforced buyback) and taking property from law abiding gun owners. This will close local ranges and clubs, as well as local gun stores, furthering the destruction of the economy by COVID. Families and friends will miss out legal target practice and sports such as 3 Gun competitions. Gun owners have always been a group to blame in Canada's gun control, but this past few weeks have shown that Canada's answer to "gun control" is more gun control and that is definitely not working. We're allowing a political party of people who do not even know a thing about guns ban them, it's time to stand up to Justin Trudeau as a lawful gun owner collective.