Canda must change their policy for foreign workers, modren slavery in canada.

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Foreign workers are forced to suffer as they are determined to gain immigration of Canada. Employers sponsorship is driven towards modern day slavery. In Canada new policy of employer sponsorship category for foreign workers is a kind of modern slavery. The conditions of foreign workers are bad. In few cases they are forced to work  for more hours with out basic facilities. They also work more than their work hours eithout getting paid. One worker has to work equal to three or four employees. They Cannot complain because their job is on risk. They want immigration but two to three years of their lives are on risk. They apply for their families but in most cases they have to face rejection. Human rights violations are common. They live without their families  and cannot go back to their countries because employer will rather not sponser them or make it a nightmare for them. Many countries like pakistan india and Bangladesh workers are forced to live without their families because visa officer of these countries put aligations on their famliy visas. Many of these foreign workers are suffering from high stress amd depression.The situation is manipulated through favouritism and bribe. The real deserving people who are honest have no choice but to leave Canada. No one  is talking about it. Canadian government should make policies to help foreign workers to have easy access towards immigration, especially skilled workers to have fair opportunities to immigration or allow their families to join them. Many of these workers cannot apply for immigration unless they are working with same employer for an year. That is a worse situation for a foreign worker because if he or she has any problem with his or her employer he or she cannot quit the job. This a clear modern slavery. Need to I.prove their policies.

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