Canadians, Speak up against Terminating Indigenous Rights in Canada!

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WE ARE ALL TREATY PEOPLE.  Those of us who are woke and concerned citizens say to the Trudeau Government: STOP UNDERMINING the TREATY PROCESS with your proposed "RIGHTS RECOGNITION FRAMEWORK"

"Settlers can help us stop the termination of First Nation inherent and treaty rights and Canada’s attempts to legislate them by putting pressure on the Liberal government to stop these attacks." Terrill Tailfeathers   January 1, 2019 

We invite you to join us in raising awareness among politicians by declaring that, as a Canadian Citizen, you acknowledge your obligation to Treaty and intend to defend its premise. 

"Neither of us will make compulsory laws nor interfere in the internal affairs of the other." 

Recall:  the original treaty rebuttal when The Dutch initially proposed a patriarchal relationship with themselves as fathers and the Haudenosaunee people as children. According to Kanien’kehá:ka historian Ray Fadden, the Haudenosaunee rejected this notion and instead proposed:

“We will not be like Father and Son, but like Brothers. [Our treaties] symbolize two paths or two vessels, travelling down the same river together. One, a birchbark canoe, will be for the Indian People, their laws, their customs, and their ways. The other, a ship, will be for the white people and their laws, their customs, and their ways. We shall each travel the river together, side by side, but in our own boat. Neither of us will make compulsory laws nor interfere in the internal affairs of the other. Neither of us will try to steer the other’s vessel.”

As John Ralston Saul, noted his book "The Comeback"

"There is always the desire for Canadian authorities to reduce the amount of land held by Indigenous peoples and, failing that, to weaken their authority over their land."

The public good is once again under direct attack with the Trudeau's governments latest attempt to create a new legal structure called the RIGHTS RECOGNITION FRAMEWORK.  According to Russ Diablo , who recently ran for National Chief of the AFN,  in order to raise awareness amongst First Peoples on this issue --  "First Nation Peoples need to see through the spin and get straight about the
threat to their Inherent and Treaty Rights." 

Read his update on this latest land grab plan here


John Ralston Saul writes extensively on the role of the First People in the evolution of our Parliamentary Democracy and hence, our obligations as treaty people, as "Canadians" -- settlers and immigrants, alike, to the original treaties. 

"Remember, we Non-Aboriginals were signatories. As a Non-Aboriginal, I say we. And through Canada's signatures we committed ourselves to the permanency of our relationship with the words, that these treaties would stand "as long as the sun shines, the grass grows and the river flows" These are and remain binding legal documents. Perhaps more important, with our signatures we committed our government to act always with the Honour of the Crown" 

"Non-Aboriginals have a choice. We can go on following our governments and power systems and corporations to slow down or deform the return of the founding peoples to their rightful place. Or we can learn to listen and understand what is happening.... The question that each of us must ask ourselves is whether we want to play our role as citizens -- as treaty people. Or whether we are going to hang on to our old habits - no matter how disguised as sympathy or ignorance or technical difficulties or budgetary difficulties -- and so betray our obligations as Canadian citizens" 

The Trudeau Government is trying to undermine the treaty process by making it possible for the land-holding rules to be eased and eventually erased. We are seeing, once again, how in Saul's words: "The impatient taxpayer overrides the concerned citizen, as if self interest overrides the obligation of citizenry and of their elected representatives to protect and advance the public good" 

If you are not up to speed on this crucial matter, one that will further degrade our relationships with First Peoples or if you are 150 years behind the 8 ball and this is all new to you ----- then please review this document and read the book Comeback. Connect the dots for yourself and make your decision.

If you are woke and focused on 2 Row Treaty Flows then take action and this petition!  GROW. SHINE & FLOW.