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Canadians for Somali Famine Relief

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Canadians for Somali Famine Relief

 Some facts…

●       6.2 million people are at risk at losing their life to drought, more than half of Somalia’s population

●       Declared a national disaster by Somalia’s President, Mohamed Abdullah

●       Approximately 100 people dying every 2 days

●       UN has dubbed this as the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II

●       Lack of clean water and poor amount of rainfall is killing off livestock, resulting in the loss of a vital source of nutrition to the Somali people

 Somalia is facing one of the most detrimental famines in all of its history. Sixty percent of the population is at risk of dying from starvation, dehydration, and very curable illnesses. The lives of millions are at risk and it is our responsibility, as Canadians, to take action and provide the needed humanitarian support. World Health Organization stated that current drought conditions are promoting the spread of diseases that are killing the people of Somalia by the hour.

To save millions of lives, we are kindly requesting that…

Canada provide the help so desperately needed by sending food, water, and medical supplies alongside professionals that can distribute it. The Disaster Assistance Response Team (D.A.R.T.) is an organization equipped with the resources to provide such help. Some of their responsibilities include:

●     to stabilize the primary effects of the disaster in co-operation with national and regional governments and non-governmental agencies;

●     to prevent the onset of secondary effects of the disaster;

●     to gain time for national and international humanitarian aid organizations to deploy to the affected area and prepare to deliver long-term recovery programs.

●     water purification;

●     primary medical care; and

●     Engineering help.(Government of Canada)

It is important to keep in mind that the affected people can not digest solid foods as a result of the on-going famine,so we must transport softer foods filled with nutrition to counter this. With the help of social media, #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia has successfully raised enough money to fill a cargo plane with food, water, and aid, but we need more. This is where YOU come in. By simply signing this petition, you are encouraging the Canadian Armed Forces to send the needed disaster relief teams and in turn, contributing to a cause that will prevent the deaths of Somali people affected by the famine. Your help is urgently needed. WE can create change.

Respectfully ,

Canadians for Somali Famine Relief

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