Students need financial emergency relief during Covid-19 pandemic.

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Like many other Canadians, students are facing hardship due to the Covid-19 crisis. However, financial support for students has not been included in the Government of Canada's emergency response budget. Full-time students finish studies at the end of April. A time when many students find work to support themselves over the summer. Something that is not possible due to the Covid-19 crisis.

The CERB $5000 threshold disqualifies many students who hold summer jobs or part-time jobs throughout the year because they earn under $5000 annually. Students enrolled in post-secondary programs are also exempt from low-income provincial help in some provinces, including Saskatchewan. Unfortunately, students who rely on summer jobs will now be left with zero income as the last student loan payment gets paid out on April 1st. A harsh fate for the future of our country. 

Although Canada's emergency relief extends to those in student loan repayment, the act of holding loan payments for six months does not provide relief to active students. This is because students do not accumulate interest on Canadian student loans until they have graduated. Students then have six months after graduation before they have to start making payments.  

Do not let our students be left without money for food, shelter, and basic necessities during a national health crisis. It is not possible for anyone to live on no money. Please sign the petition to ask the government to look after our students and the future of our country. 


Now that it has been announced that students who made $5000 dollars last summer or during the school year are being excluded from the CERB it is more imperative than ever that Canada creates a form of assistance for students. Augmenting the summer jobs program is not enough when students had to apply before Feburary to take part. Also the Student Summer Job program does not include students that are over 30 years old. There are still too many restrictions on students who can get help when many students need financial aid now. 

Students should not be expected to go above and beyond or be treated differently than other groups of people facing extreme hardships because of loss of income due to Covid-19.

Please help me ask the government to make sure that students are not being excluded from financial assistance they urgently need. 


When signing this petition please, please, please consider sharing it with your family, friends, and the public. Maybe if people see that the government is still not providing the financial assistance students urgently and immediately need they will be more inclined to show support by adding a signature. Many students already had to choose between eating and paying rent this month and now have nothing coming in next month. Thank you to everyone who is helping me get the government to listen and understand it is urgent.