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Canadian's civil and human rights stolen! Help us fix this Mr. Trudeau..

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Dear Mr. Trudeau,

Smart meters and other wireless technologies have been proven to be a major health hazard, by many respected scientists and researchers and yet, here in Canada, we as Canadian citizens are being forced to accept Smart Meters being placed in our personal homes and places of business.

We are given no choice. Accept the Smart Meter installation or have your power turned off!

With all the conclusive evidence from over two thousand peer-reviewed researchers who work independently from the power companies themselves, why are we not being supported in a position of self-determination for the health of our loved ones and families?

Mr. Trudeau, I ask respectfully that you review the overwhelming research and findings that indicate that Smart Meters are a definite health hazard to not only us humans, but also to essential wildlife.

Please protect our human and civil rights by banning Smart Meters and instead, insist on using some other type of available technology to power our good Canadian homes. Maybe, we could even go back to the old electric meters that were working just fine for generations.


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