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                                               Maya (at 5 years old)


When my daughter, Maya, developed debilitating join pain, critical kidney disease, chronic anemia and fatigue, she was diagnosed with Lupus – an incurable autoimmune disease that occurs when your body's immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. Emergency IV treatment of large doses of cortisone, followed by 15 months of further cortisone steroids saved her life.  Now, like the majority of the 5 million other lupus patients worldwide, she relies on a daily dose of Hydroxychloroquine to control this disease.  For many sufferers, this is the ONLY TREATMENT that works for them. Without appropriate medication, lupus sufferers face constant pain, immobility, organ failure and possible death.

Despite lack of sound scientific research, this drug is currently being considered as a treatment to lessen symptoms of COVID 19.  As a result, government research groups are stockpiling it, leaving it out of stock for many lupus patients, who are being told they can no longer access this medication.

The only other medication those with Lupus can take aside from Hydroxychloroquine is cortisone steroids; if millions of lupus sufferers are put back on cortisone steroid medication, it leaves them further immune compromised. This leaves millions more people vulnerable to COVID 19, adding to the intensive care crisis we are experiencing should they contract the virus. The government must ensure that Lupus patients have access to their regular supply of  Hydroxycholorquine during the COVID 19 pandemic as the situation is already critical.


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