Canadian New Businesses Need Access to Federal Relief NOW!

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Businesses that opened in 2020 (& even some from 2019) do not currently qualify for any of the Federal Government relief programs. That means no access to the rent & wage subsidy programs (CERS & CEWS) and no access to the Canada Emergency Business Account loans that are being offered to other Canadian businesses. Despite still having leases, mortgages, employee wages, utilities, insurance, inventory & fixed costs to cover, newer businesses are being left out of the conversation.

Starting a business is not just a snap decision. Many of these new businesses had been planning their launch for months prior to the pandemic hitting. Contracts were signed, money spent, inventory bought, employees hired. Those new businesses were faced with a decision - throw away all the time, money & planning or open their doors & try to make it work. We understand the need to ensure these relief programs are not being taken advantage of, but we believe that an updated eligibility criteria can both protect these relief programs, and ensure fair access to all small businesses. 

Small businesses are the heart & soul of our communities, and so many have been devastated by the pandemic. Supporting, encouraging & promoting small businesses, old & new, is more important than it has ever been. 

We are not asking for special treatment, just equal treatment. 

In signing this petition, you are helping us lobby local, provincial & federal government to updated the eligibility criteria for the Federal relief programs.

Please sign it, share it & most importantly, SUPPORT SMALL! 

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