Ontario Government to provide Life-ChangingTechnology to People with Disabilities

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For the last five years, I have used eSight a LIFE CHANGING technology. I worked hard my entire life trying to live in a world that was not made for me because my eyes did not work. Gratefully, my family, friends and community have helped and supported me. I accessed every program Ontario provided to help me gain independence but I still struggled with school, work and constantly having to adapt to something as simple as reading my mail. That all changed when I starting using a technology that worked exactly the way I needed it to. So I have gained independence. I work, have a family and give back to the community.

There are 2 million people living in Ontario living with a disability who could benefit from using innovated technologies, like eSight. I am asking the Ontario government to provide adequate funding so that people living with a disability can access innovative technologies that will improve their quality of life.