Canadian Children Deserve Their Legal Right To Child Support To Be Taken Seriously!

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Did you know that "deadbeat parents across Canada owe more than $3.7B in child support"?! (source: This number is based on the statistics from 2004, so in reality, this number is even higher.

Now equate over $3.7 billion dollars to the missing life necessities and education opportunities for Canadian children whose parent is not meeting their legal obligation to provide for their child. In a vast majority of cases, the deadbeat parents use the child support as the means to retaliate to their ex-spouse for ending the relationship with them. Many of deadbeats have also been physically and/or psychologically abusive in their marriage, and are using the system to continue the abuse financially after the divorce. Blinded by their personal goals of vendetta, they place full responsibility on the primary caretaker parent (mostly mothers) to provide fully for the children.

Of course, if anyone had ever experienced what it is like to raise a child (or children) completely alone and on a sole income without any financial help, they could understand what life-altering challenges the caretaker parents face. Often, they take on 2 or 3 jobs just to be able to cover the essentials such as healthy nutrition, shelter, clothing, and childcare. Very little to nothing is left to provide a child with anything above that. 

Why is this happening? Deadbeat parents are not a new phenomenon in this world. Financial control and manipulation by withholding child support is an angry ex-spouse's tool to continue abuse. However, in our day and age, it is simply incomprehensible that children will be falling victims to this illegal behaviour of one of their parents. Canada, being one of the role model countries on a global arena, has highly ineffective, outdated, and underfunded systems in place that go against Canadian children's rights to owed child support.

Family Responsibility Office in Ontario and similar agencies in other provinces require stong and meaningful tools to enforce child support owed to Canadian children! Many of the tools available to them at this point are outdated and ineffective when dealing with dead-beat parents who intentionally abuse the system, knowing how ineffective it is in enforcing child support. Single parents who have minor children and court orders in place are not able to collect any child support from their vindictive ex-spouses who use a lot of methods to avoid paying anything (cash jobs, intentional unemployment, and fleeing the area are just a few to mention).

Canadian children deserve to have their legal right to financial support to be taken seriously by the government at both provincial and federal levels. This support is not a luxury but their right that needs to be honored and protected.

Kim William's story from Ontario is just one of millions of examples:

As Canadian parents, we urge Justin Trudeau, Justice Canada, Family Responsibility Office in Ontario and child support agencies in all other provinces in Canada to escalate this as the priority on your agenda! Many countries have effective methods of enforcing the child support payments to benefit their citizen children. Create stronger penalties for deadbeat parents and provide better investigation and enforcement tools to child support enforcement agencies in each province. In the USA, deadbeat parents are not able to escape the system as easily as in Canada, and penalties, including jail time are enforced better. Many other countries, like Sweden, have powerful ways to provide for the legal right to full child support.

Please do not turn it into a long discussion and start acting. Children all across Canada need your involvement and support. They cannot fight for their right themselves and are counting on you to make it possible for them to have a better childhood where their financial needs are met as provided it for by the Canadian legislation.


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