Canadian Cannabis Patient Subsidies

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Canada is about to Legalize recreational use of Cannabis in the summer of 2018, but the people who have borne the burden of legal challenges over the last 2 decades - patients - are being left behind in the rush to profit and capitalize on personal use sales of cannabis and associated products. 

Prescribed cannabis is not covered by most private or provincial health plans because of the need for studies and trials, which take time - time that many patients cannot afford. Parents of children with severe epilepsy, patients with multiple sclerosis, crohns' disease, chronic pain and many other illnesses and diseases - are faced with a choice:  grow their own cannabis, find someone capable to grow it for them - or pay "recreational" retail prices for a life-saving medical product in the interim.

Health Canada's medical cannabis program remains inefficient and onerous; patients wait months for licenses to possess or produce cannabis while watching a circus of "grey market"/white collar corporate cannabis profiteering.

We are demanding Health Canada immediately:

1) streamline the process for patients with serious or life-threatening medical condition to obtain a permanent medical license - no renewals required 

2) require, by law, all licensed patients be able to possess or produce or, alternately obtain cannabis via a dispensary, mail-order or Licensed Producer at a 75% discount for CBD-only or 1:4 THC/CBD products and 50% for THC-only products - given that CBD should be inexpensive to produce and has the most medical benefits, but with the understanding that THC is beneficial for pain and that full spectrum products are more bio-available.