Canada to help International students in their tuition,free insurance and relax PGWP rules

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Govt. of Canada is taking highly appreciable measures to support residents and citizens of Canada among spread of Corona virus. As you know, many residents, citizens, and international students are losing jobs due to Corona Virus spread. However, no body could identify the needs of international students studying in Canada or the rest of the world. They came to a new country and have their families at back. They are experiencing lots of stress for the well being of their families back in their home countries. They are also experiencing cultural shock, increase of patients graph due to Corona virus, fear of getting infected, arranging food, not enough work, not enough knowledge of Canadian rules, not reliable transport etc. So, by this petition I want to bring it to kind attention of international or national welfare organizations, provincial and Federal Governments to come forward and bring an immediate plan & monetary relief for help to international students in payment of tuition fee ,  defer payment of house rent, weaving payment of health insurance, free public transport etc. Immigration & Citizenship Canada is also requested to announce relaxation in rules in case of semester drop by international students during spread of Corona Virus. There should be no adverse effect on the eligibility of Post Graduate Work Permit or Permanent Resident application if a student drops a semester among the fear of Corona Virus Spread or due to financial hardship in payment of his/her tuition fee in the present scenario. There should be full waiver of tuition fee if a student fails to pass the required exam due to lack of attending regular classes or lack of resources to attend online classes.

Presently, many international students are under great financial hardships due to shortage of work.  As Corona is spreading in almost every country, so every country is facing its adverse economic effect. In the present scenario, families of international students may not be in situation of awarding the required financial assistance to their children studying abroad. So, the government is requested to identify the needs of international students. International Students want to work but they are not getting enough work or part-time jobs for their day to day necessary needs. Everybody is in panic so naturally international students are experiencing the same.  

Thousands of International students after completion of their study become permanent residents and then citizens. They play important role in the development of Canada. They work honestly with maximum efficiency. So, in this tough time, The Government of Canada should provide immediate help and relief to these international students.