Canada, stop funding genocide in Palestine.

Canada, stop funding genocide in Palestine.

May 23, 2021
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Started by Dajana K

Dear Mr. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
           We as Canadians demand the immediate defunding of the Israel military. We demand that, effective immediately, you cease to endorse genocide and terrorism. 

We as Canadians do not pay our taxes to fund genocide, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, illegal occupations and the use of internationally banned chemical warfare. 
How can you send aid to Israel and forget the veterans in your own country who suffer? 
How can you forget the native indigenous communities who still dont have clean water to drink?
How can you forget the elderly, the sick and the needy at home who could benefit greatly from the money you are throwing away?

        We as Canadians take a stand, united, against the mass murderers taking place in Palestine. 
          We as Canadians stand firm that we will not support terrorism. As a peacekeeping nation that is proudly built on diversity and inclusion, we exclude the notion that what is happening in Palestine is a "conflict". The very conflict that is alarming to us is that there is a clear aggressor and a clear oppressor; Israel. 

They have identified Palestine as a terror threat and we as Canadians do not understand, how a country where 40% of the population is below the age of 14, can be considered a threat....How? 
How can a military so wildly funded and armed be afraid of children? How can we justify the clear disadvantage these children face daily? You are a father, will you stay silent?
How can a country who was excluded from receiving the vaccinations you helped fund a threat?

Israel continues to bomb houses, schools, hospitals and places of worship. No, not just mosques, but churches too.  

The rallies in large quantities that you see Canadians partaking in are not for Israel, but for the liberation of Palestine. 

Justin Trudeau we call upon you to listen to your people. We demand justice. 

We as Canadians, do not support the mass murder of children. We do not support the illegal eviction of innocent civilians in Sheikh Jarrah. We do not support the illegal use of internationally banned chemical warfare.

We do not support genocide and we did not learn about past genocides and scars of xenophobia to watch it all be repeated before our eyes. Remember Rwanda? Bosnia? Do you remember the holocaust? Israel is terrorizing the very country that opened their doors and provided them aid when no other country wanted them.
Palestine opened the doors to aid Israelis before Canada did.... so HOW is Palestine the terrorist state? 

There are countless videos of Israelis saying of the Arabs the very things Hitler spoke of them...calling them rats, cancers, inevitable terrorists.... 
Videos of them abusing women and children
Videos of them selling those whom they take as captives
Videos of them abusing medics and journalists
Where is the gusto in our government to declare this an international hate crime?

Our veterans did not fight a war of oppression to watch you fund another genocide. 
Why do we wear our poppies?
We are Canadians. We take great pride in taking a global stance to speak out against injustice and we stand with Palestine. We the people stand with Palestine, so will you stand with your people? Will you stand with the people who elected you?

Mr. Trudeau, we call on you to acknowledge the barbaric ethnic cleansing and genocide happening to innocent Palestinians. We call on you to cease all financial aid to the Israeli government, immediately. Time is of the essence.

Take note that within 12 hours of a cease fire being declared, Israel violated the cease fire and has resumed terrorizing Palestinians. As we speak they are conducting what they call "law and order" and arresting any Palestinian who speaks up demanding their rights and freedoms. They continue to storm sacred mosques and churches and continue to antagonize innocent civilans. How many international laws does Israel have to break for you to stand your ground?  At the very least, stop funding them. What they are doing does not reflect Canadian values.  

We as Canadians demand a liberated Palestine and it starts with you defunding the Israel military.  

We Canadians demand justice. Now. 

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Signatures: 843Next Goal: 1,000
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