Canada shouldn't become Italy

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Dear Prime Minister, Defense Minister, Health Minister, 

My name is Chandanpreet Jaspal, a local dentist here in white rock/south surrey. I am writing this because I love my fellow Canadians and we as a community are getting together to make our voice reach you. 

I have never wrote anything like this before but when it comes time to protecting our families and friends I don’t think we would ever hesitate. I don't want to end up like Italy as the title states is something we thought that would catch your attention. To make social distancing more serious we need to have the government issue tickets to non essential outings and non essential gatherings. 

Also, we say to get army outside on the streets to make our population know in reality that this is a serious situation and that all Canadians are safe and secure. The army is there to protect our people, lets work together with them to make this country safe rather than calling them later when THINGS GET OUT OF HAND.

 This should be implemented as soon as possible.  Please help us out here because we see what is going on in Italy and other countries like the US and they have already started with the military option. Let’s not take action after it’s too late. 

There is no SCREENING being done at YVR Airport. Please look into this.....

My fellow Canadians ( this is me Chandan petitioning to you) I ask you to sign this and lets protect one another in oneness.

So to our leaders, if we are calling this the worst time let’s use our best resources.  In times of darkness like this I say we become the light and fight this. Its a long race that we need to win. 

When we look back upon this we know we did all that we could to save our families and friends. 


Chandanpreet Jaspal