The Laws Have Changed: Free Canadians from Non-Violent, Cannabis Convictions

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Flowr, in partnership with Pardons Canada, is continuing our mission to help reduce the stigma around cannabis use. As part of this, we're calling on the Canadian government to expunge Canadians carrying criminal records for non-violent cannabis convictions that are now legal under current laws. We're asking influencers, licensed producers, and all Canadians to help us reach 20,000 signatures so we can create change.

Did you know that when New York legalized cannabis use in March 2021 they immediately expunged the criminal records of people previously convicted of crimes now legal under their new laws? This is something that 2 years later, Canada has yet to do, resulting in over 50,000 Canadian’s carrying criminal records for non-violent, minor cannabis convictions.

It’s been over two years since cannabis was legalized in Canada, yet we’re still battling stigmas and preconceptions. Worse still is the fact that there are hundreds of Canadians who are unable to live their lives to the fullest due to non-violent, minor cannabis convictions that remain on their records. This affects many parts of their lives - from being unable to travel to the states, to renting a home and getting a job.

Flowr as we know it today, would not exist without Pardons Canada, as a few of our early employees went through this process in order to help build this business. If you feel as passionate as we do that records should be expunged, raise your voice by signing the petition.

For those seeking pardons in the interim, please visit Pardons Canada.

Read our open letter calling on all Canadians and Justin Bieber for support. 

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