Canada needs to increase COVID-19 (Coronavirus) containment measures.

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Canada needs to increase its containment measures for COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  

As a healthcare professional for over 30 years, I am appalled by the minimal measures being taken in Canada to help contain COVID-19 & protect its citizens when this virus has already met 2 of the WHO criteria for a pandemic & is about to meet the last criteria which is that the virus is 'spreading globally'.  

And still, when some of the best methods to contain a virus or slow its spread are quarantines & travel restrictions, Canada is being politically soft and non-intrusive so as not to offend anyone.  Travel advisories and asking Canadians to exercise a "high degree of caution" is not enough! Asking people to contact their local health authority within 24 hours of returning from high risk areas & limiting their contact with others is not enough! People unfortunately have a tendancy to not disclose information about their health & to not follow orders pertaining to their health for various reasons including having to go to work, feeling that they were not 'that sick' and I can go on.  I have witnessed this for 20 years.  It is our government's job to help contain this virus, as other nations with limited or no numbers of COVID-19 have by assessing people at the airport & ensuring they are quarantined when showing symptoms, particularly if they are coming in from high risk cities or countries.  Canada should be banning flights to and from high risk countries instead of 'recommending' that travellers avoid all non-essential travel.  

Justin Trudeau and Health Officials of Canada, I am urging to you to take this situation more seriously and participate in the worldwide efforts to contain this virus, but more importantly it is your duty to help protect Canadian Citizens.