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Canada as a Independent Country

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Based on a article I read in Macleans ( which states "According to a Canada Day poll by Strategic Council, only 30 per cent of Canadians feel a connection to the Queen or Governor General. And 65 per cent think ties to the monarchy should be cut once the Queen dies." I would like to start an official petition to possibly getting this accomplished.

I think a new survey would show that number up for breaking ties to the monarchy. All us Canadians need to unite and show the current government what changes we would like to see, which is true independence.

I look forward to celebrating Canada's first birthday without the colonial minded monarchy watching over us like big brother.  I can show my kids Kings & Queens at Medieval Times when required but at this day and age we do not need no input from a Queen sitting overseas.  Ask yourself what power does the Queen really have, look at Brexit as a prime example.  The monarchy cannot even protect  British citizens on there own soil so what can we expect from them as Canadians.  I will tell you it will be a video expressing sorrow.

Whenever there's trouble we Canadians have big hearts and give it our all to help set things right which separates us from the rest of the world.  I stand on guard for thee O'Canada and will fight for you when needed, which is what I am attempting to do now, fight for all of our right to be independent.  

Join me and let's free Canada once and for all from these shackles binding us to the British.  Don't give me the "we are already independent". We all know that is not the truth or we wouldn't have the Queen on our Canadian money.

GOD (in whatever shape/form that you believe in) bless you, regardless of whether you are with me or against me on this one. 

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