Call on the Canadian Government to act on the Human Rights Violations in Kashmir

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Subject: Kashmiri Lives Matter

Special Statement on Behalf all Concerned Citizens

Dear Justin Trudeau

The Pakistan Canada Association of Edmonton & Markaz-ul-Islam respectfully urges the Government of Canada to condemn the serious human rights violations in Kashmir by the Indian Government.

It is incumbent upon the international community and a matter of the utmost moral urgency to emphasize to the government of India that common human rights standards must be upheld. The Government of Canada must take a firm stand on behalf of universal human rights principles and their mandate to enhance peace and security, protect human rights, promote stability, and help those most in need around the world.

As we speak, there are Canadian Citizens that are stuck in Kashmir and have no way of contacting their loved ones in Canada. At the minimum, the Canadian Government must immediately act to assist its Citizens and time is of the essence. Canada should not remain silent.

While the international community focuses its attention on other issues of concern, it must make clear that it will not forget the Kashmiri people who continue to be denied their fundamental human rights.

We take this opportunity to urge your support for the Government of Canada to issue a public statement of condemnation and urgently assist its Citizens who are unable to connect with their loved ones,  have no way of knowing of their well being and are being denied basic Human Rights.

On Behalf of Concerned Canadian Citizens,