Buy back the Canadian Wheat Board from Saudi Arabia

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Western farmers lost their bid for continuing cooperative control of the Canadian Wheat Board (it was the sole Canadian wheat and barley marketing agency) when former Prime Minister Harper accepted the lower bid from the government of Saudi Arabia and an American partner agri-giant during the Canadian government-initiated sell-off.  Canada's Grain terminals, grain rail-cars, Great Lakes grain ships and shipping ports along with 50.1% control of the marketing agency were handed over in the deal, finalized in 2015. One Canadian farmer now sits on the Board.

What did Canadians get?--The new owners' promises for future investments of $250 million in grain terminals. PLUS Seven years from the takeover date the owners, G3 Global Grain Group, have the option of buying out the balance of the Board's control (then it will be 100% foreign-owned). Stop the continuing sell-out of Canadian assets! Join me in letting our government and Saudi Arabia know it's not "business as usual" to quote the Saudis of G3. Let's make fairness and ethics inform Canadian trade deals!