Build more roads. Asphalted roads must connect all Canadian settlements with each other.

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Good afternoon. I created this petition for the successful development of all territories and cities in Canada. In my opinion, the settlements of the country can not develop successfully and evenly enough in the absence of a year-round car communication with the whole country. Only year-round car communication will help the successful development of the whole country, and not only its southern part. Therefore, I appeal to the Federal Government of Canada and all provincial and territorial governments.

-We are citizens and residents of Canada, we call on the Government of Canada to build a federal car asphalt road from the city of Yellowknife  (North-Western Territory) to the city of Iqaluit  (Nunavut).

"We ask the government to develop a program for the construction of cars asphalt or concrete roads to every settlement in Canada that does not have such roads. The roads must be to every locality in the country. Roads must permeate the entire territory of Canada.

- Please build from two to five federal routes connecting the Canadian northern territories with the rest of the country. From the Arctic Ocean to the border with the United States.

For the successful development of the whole country, a wide network of roads must be built, which will connect all the localities of Canada. Please, develop a long-term plan for the construction of roads that will cover the whole country. This is very necessary.