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After many months and considerable public pressure, the Canadian government finally responded to calls to bring Bissan Eid home, but their offer of support arrived too late in Bissan’s pregnancy. As such, Bissan was forced to give birth in Gaza - far away from her immediate family and from the medical facilities that she should have been able to access in Montreal.
On May 11th, Bissan gave birth to Sarah - a healthy, beautiful baby girl. Despite the difficult circumstances faced by Bissan and by medical workers in Gaza due to the Israeli military siege, local healthcare workers struggled to support Bissan to the best of their abilities and Sarah was born safely.

We are still calling on the Canadian government to take action and follow through on their responsibilities to support Bissan and Sarah. More specifically, we ask that they expedite the processing of Sarah’s citizenship papers in a timely fashion. We also demand that they continue to pressure the Israeli government to ensure that exit permits are issued and safe passage is ensured for Bissan and Sarah as soon as they are ready to travel in early June.



For over four months, Bissan Eid, a 24 year old Concordia graduate student has been prevented from leaving the Palestinian territory of Gaza. She is in urgent need of support from the Canadian government to secure an exit visa from the Israeli government.

In June 2016, Bissan, a Canadian citizen since 2005, travelled to Gaza to get married and to visit her aging grandparents. When she tried to travel back to Canada, she was prevented from leaving due to the slow processing of her exit visa by the Israeli authorities, who seldom prioritize the applications of Palestinians from Gaza who hold other passports .

Beyond the difficulties of living in Gaza, her inability to return to Canada is detrimental for two reasons. First, she is pregnant and expected to give birth in May. She is having a difficult pregnancy and is in need of medical attention in Canada. Further, she wants to be surrounded by friends and family for her child’s birth. Second, after successfully completing a bachelor’s degree in science and civil engineering from Concordia in 2015, Bissan is pursuing a masters in civil engineering at the same university. She has already completed one year of studies in her program but was unable to enrol in the Winter semester as she is blocked from leaving Gaza.

“Bissan is risking her life now in Gaza, she must to come back to her country, Canada, as soon as possible to live the normal life she deserves and has the right to live, like all Canadian citizens,” outlines Hadi Eid, Bissan’s father.

The Canadian government must take an active role in supporting Bissan’s efforts to secure an exit permit from Gaza, so that she can return to Canada via Jordan. The Canadian government needs to make immediate steps with both Israeli and Jordanian authorities to secure this exit permit.

Canada’s Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made very public pronouncements about diversity being Canada’s “strength” and the fundamental humanity of all Canadians despite origin or religious background. We are calling on the Liberal government and Trudeau to take action in Bissan’s case so that she may receive the support she urgently needs.



Depuis plus de 4 mois, la canadienne-palestinienne Bissan Eid, étudiante en maîtrise à Concordia âgée de 24 ans, est empêchée de quitter le territoire palestinien de Gaza. Bissan, citoyenne canadienne depuis 2005, a besoin d'un soutien urgent du gouvernement canadien afin d'obtenir un visa de sortie du gouvernement israélien, alors qu'elle s’apprête à accoucher au mois de mai.

Bissan est actuellement inscrite à la maîtrise en ingénierie civile à Concordia, après avoir complété avec succès un baccalauréat en sciences et génie civil de Concordia en 2015. Bissan a déjà terminé 1 an de ses études de maîtrise mais n'a pas pu s'inscrire au semestre en cours en raison de la fermeture des frontières à Gaza.

Bissan s'est d'abord rendue à Gaza en juin 2016 pour se marier et rendre visite à ses grands-parents âgés, mais elle a ensuite été empêchée de quitter le territoire en raison du traitement trop lent de son visa de sortie par les autorités israéliennes, qui priorisent rarement les applications de Palestinien.nes de Gaza détenant d'autres passeports. Aujourd'hui, Bissan est confrontée à une grossesse difficile et nécessite des soins médicaux au Canada, tout en souhaitant certainement être entourée par sa famille et ses amis lors de la naissance.

Au-delà des difficultés que représente le fait de vivre à Gaza, son incapacité à retourner au Canada est donc néfaste pour sa grossesse et ses études.

« Bissan risque sa vie présentement à Gaza, elle doit revenir dans son pays, le Canada, le plus rapidement possible, pour vivre la vie normale qu'elle mérite et à laquelle elle a droit, comme tous les citoyen-nes canadien-nes, » souligne Hadi Eid, le père de Bissan.

Le Premier ministre libéral du Canada, Justin Trudeau, a fait des déclarations publiques sur la diversité, la «force» du Canada, et l'humanité fondamentale de tous les Canadiens quelque soit leur provenance ou leurs origines religieuses. Nous demandons aujourd'hui au gouvernement libéral et à Trudeau de prendre des mesures dans le cas de cette Canadienne qui a besoin d'une attention et d'un soutien urgents.


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