Bring all our Canadian troops back from Iraq

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Why are we putting the lives of our Canadian troops at risk to achieve US global hegemonic interests?  

The US President, Mr. Trump, acts in self interest, with no regard to international law nor the safety of our Canadian troops.  Furthermore, NATO has suspended training operations in Iraq, and having our Canadian troops there, just puts their lives at avoidable and unnecessary risk.  The other European NATO allies are taking action to protect their troops.  Why aren't we?

Having our troops in Iraq under these circumstances only tarnishes Canadian reputation internationally, and provides no benefit to Canada nor the Iraqi people. Rather, we will end up sacrificing Canadian troops for no beneficial purpose. 

To all in the Government of Canada, including RH. PM Trudeau, H. Freeland, H. MacAulay and H. Sajjan, please bring all our Canadian troops back from Iraq immediately.