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BOYCOTT Chateau Le Parc

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The world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, the Islamic Republic regime in Iran, now has a firm foothold in Canada.

On Friday, February 2, 2018, Chateau Le Parc, in the city of Vaughan, Ontario, hosted a gathering of the Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC), a lobbying group that aligns its interests with the terrorist state. This action is a blow to all patriotic Canadians, who love Canada, care for this land, and want to keep it secure and safe from terrorist infiltration.

Canada has become a receptive country for agents of the Islamic Republic regime and their criminal cronies. By harbouring them, our Canadian government is cozying up to the Islamic Republic regime and helping them to launder money. Our country has become a haven for the Iranian regime’s fugitives and their cronies.

The agents and proxies of the Islamic Republic of Iran have now infiltrated into our community and our civil and political institutions. By using our flexible, democratic laws, their lobbying group challenges our Canadian government and proposes policies in the interests of this foreign regime that funds and sponsors terrorism globally.

Here is a list of some of their continued sinister efforts:

  • The ICC campaigned to reopen the Islamic Republic embassy (the “Spy House”) in Ottawa.
  • The ICC is calling to reestablish diplomatic relations between the two countries, which Canada severed because of the regime’s sponsorship of terrorism and its pursuit of nuclear weapons.
  • The ICC fiercely opposed Bill S-219, with which Canada aims to establish its safety by sanctioning the well-known terrorist organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, part of the Islamic Republic’s military division, with known direct ties to Hezbollah.

All the while, the ICC disregards and compromises Canada’s safety and security.

Their presence, with such cynical intentions, poses a real danger to our nation and its future. The presence of supporters and sympathizers of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Canada is a real threat, with grave safety and security risks.   

Let us unite and demand that our government change this open-door policy for agents of the regime which is the leading state sponsor of terrorism. Let us ask our government to Investigate and dismantle their group and revoke their Canadian citizenship if necessary.

Let us send a strong message by boycotting Chateau Le Parc, which hosted this lobbying group. We will not tolerate their actions in hosting any organization that aligns its interest with a terrorist state that has committed crimes against humanity and continually calls for the demise of the western world.

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