Free Jack Letts

Free Jack Letts

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Jack Letts is a 25-year-old British/Canadian Duel Citizen from Oxford.  He is due in court JUNE 2020 and there was a rumor he could face the DEATH PENALTY!  Luckliy that now looks unlikely according to recent reports. But it's still TIME to Take ACTION and FREE JACK!! 

Option 1:  Canada  - Accept Jack Letts into Canada and seen as he's already spent YEARS behind bars, why not just FREE JACK LETTS??!! 

Option 2:  UK  - Have a ❤️ and save a UK citizen.  Give Jack his Passport back and fly him home to face UK justice. (where the death penalty is NOT an option)

Option 3:  Finland  - Send Jack to Finland where some other ISIS prisoners have been sent to rehabilitate start a new life.

Jack's situation is not acceptable because it's clearly a breach of his Human Rights.  Our Governments can not just turn their backs on a citizen and make him sleep on the floor in Syria until he is executed!  The DEATH PENALTY is ILLEGAL in the UK and Canada.  So the UK and Canada should try to find a solution before it's too late and  #StandUp4HumanRights

I MUST STRESS that Jack Letts has absolutely NOTHING to do with Jihadi JOHN or THE BEATLES.  The nickname 'Jihadi Jack' was given to him by the MEDIA to TRICK you into thinking he is a MONSTER who BEHEADS people!  This is NOT TRUE AT ALL!!  #DontBuyTheSun

Jack was roped into working as a TRANSLATOR for ISIS as a 17-year-old teenager before he escaped.  He understood them and quickly figured out their version of Islam was crazy and illegal, so he STOOD AGAINST THEM!  He was just a stoned teenager and was SO BAD at being a terrorist, he was actually LOCKED UP by ISIS!

Jack's mental health may not be perfect but he is easily COMPOS MENTIS!!  We do not buy Canada's feeble excuse because Jack is a clever person who speaks many languages and has ONLY worked as a TRANSLATOR and done NO VIOLENCE against anyone!  He can EASILY be Re-Habilitated.


Jack Letts does not deserve to be in prison any longer and definitely doesn't deserve the DEATH PENALTY.  Canada and the UK will have #BloodOnTheirHands if Jack does not return to safety soon.  Plus, it is ILLEGAL to keep Jack a prisoner forever like this and TIME is running OUT!

We are calling on the authorities to release Jack immediately, so he can be safely reunited with his family.

Please sign the petition and share to 'Free Jack Letts' from these appalling conditions. The support of individuals like yourself keeps Jack going - Thank you.

#EndDeathPenalty ❤️ #StandUp4HumanRights ❤️ 

#TurnToLove ❤️ #LoveWillWin ❤️

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!