Ban travels to and from countries with massive COVID-19 outbreaks before it's too late!

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The recent confirmed cases of coronavirus in Canada are all linked to travellers from Iran and Italy. Please join me to request the Canadian government to suspend all inbound and outgoing flights to areas/countries with massive COVID-19 outbreak (China, Iran, Italy, South Korean, etc.) before it is too late.

It is extremely disappointing when our PM calls the idea of closing our borders a "knee-jerk" reaction.  Why is Canada adopting different protocols compared to US and Australia? Although World Health Organization (WHO) has not declared COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, it already met 2 of the 3 criteria.  At the rate it is spreading, it's only a matter of time. We need to act fast before the critical timing window to stop massive community outbreaks passes.

Those infected can show little symptoms during their incubation period (up to 14 days). Screening for fever on passengers entering Canada is not effective and exposes those conducting the screening at risk. Communicating to the nation that the risk of contracting the virus in Canada is extremely low encourages a false sense of safety. The Canadian government should step up the measures and take the matter seriously.

Canada seems to have forgotten the painful lessons learned from SARS in 2003 when it killed 44 Canadians. We need our leaders to act swiftly before it is too late.