Ban single-use plastics in Canada!

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Every single minute, one garbage truck of plastics is dumped into our oceans.

This adds up to over 8 MILLION METRIC TONS ANNUALLY! 

This is supposed to increase by TENFOLD by 2020 and there will be MORE PLASTIC IN THE OCEAN THAN FISH in terms of weight by 2050!

Over 100 MILLION animals die every year because of plastic ingestion.

These plastics in the ocean break down into potentially CANCEROGENIC micro-plastics which we then ingest through our food.

Over 25% of all fish sold contain micro-plastics.

A study by the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) showed that over 89% of all plastics that end up in the ocean are SINGLE-USE PLASTICS

If there is a new law that could ban single-use plastics in Canada, it would greatly diminish our global environmental impact by helping our planet and helping ourselves :))

I will do as much as I can to help encourage this law by speaking to those who can provoke change and the more signatures this petition will get the easier it will be :)