Ban Puppy Mills in Canada

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What is a Puppy Mill?

A Puppy Mill is a place where dogs a bred for the sole purpose of profit, and where the welfare of the dogs being sold are of the least concern. The living conditions are usually dangerous to the dogs well-being, and involve multiple health risks to the dogs health. These often include tight, caged in living areas, not enough food/water, female dogs bred whenever possible, and when they can no longer breed they are often put down, and the males who are not sold are often put down as well. Genetic quality is also a concern for Puppy Mill dogs as well. Since profit is the only goal, genetic quality is not accounted for, and many dogs are prone to congenital and hereditary conditions, as well as behavioural problems from being separated from their mothers shortly after birth. These mass produced dogs are then sold to often unknowing buyers from online sources or pet stores. 


What is the Problem?

Puppy Mills are technically not illegal in Canada unless the dogs are seen to be living in the absolute worst of conditions. So one of the best ways to stop the Puppy Mills is by not supporting them. They run entirely for the sake of profit that they generate by the sale of these poor dogs. If we stop giving them business, they will not generate this profit they are looking for. So while we push for the ban of all Puppy Mills, there is a couple steps we can take to avoid supporting these places that do not care for the welfare of dogs!



Steps to Avoid Puppy Mills!

1. Avoid pet stores, newspaper advertisements, and cheap deals you might find online!

Many of these sources may provide false information to make it seem like their dogs are not from puppy mills, when they are in fact truly raised in the terrible conditions mentioned above.


2. If you are buying from a breeder, visit them and ask questions!

Do not be afraid to ask where the puppies are raised, and ask to see the parents of the puppy you are buying. Make sure you do not see the living conditions of the other dogs for sale that were spoken of earlier. If the breeder is at all hesitant or seems skeptical answering your questions, you may want to reconsider purchasing a dog from them. Most breeders make sure their puppies are being sent to a safe home, but if they are willing to sell to anyone that comes in off the street, this may be another sign that the dogs may live in poor conditions. 


3. Adopt from a rescue shelter!

This is by far the easiest option if you want to avoid a Puppy Mill. Adoption centres often have the dogs best interests at heart, and these organizations will work with you to make sure the dog you pick is the perfect fit for you and your family!