Ban plastic straws

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Hi my name is Lexi. I am 11 years old and live in a village called lambeth. If you are reading this right now you have probably seen the point of my petition. To ban plastic straws. The reason why is because I care. I care about the ocean and the animals in it. I care about our world and who’s on it. The reason is why is because because some people think that pollution is ok, that it doesn’t effect us. But if you look a little closer you’ll see that scientists think that in five years the ocean will be to polluted to drink. And for the stuff that ends up in land fills will end up over running and affecting the world. Big towns, little towns , even islands will be affected. And sooner before you know it the world will be overrun with trash, the water we drink will be polluted and the world gone, in amidst a pile of trash. Banning plastic straws will help make the world a better place. It will protect the ocean from becoming a wasteland of pollution. The water is connected to every thing animals trees even us! If the water goes bad it will kill animals by then just drinking it. Already 1/3 of the world’s species are extinct and with out animals the world would see definite changes. If the water goes bad the trees can’t survive then how are people going to breathe with no oxygen? So that is why you should sign my petition.