Ban for-profit re-sale of goods by public during epidemics/pandemics.

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This petition was inspired by news of a Vancouver couple buying and selling 100K of goods during the COVID-19 pandemic.  I wonder how many others are doing this and how it contributes to the phenomenon of #panicbuying.

These new "businesses" being created might claim they are offering a service to people by shipping re-sold goods to your door but at the same time they are causing panic by clearing shelves and depriving normal shoppers who frequent the store from getting the items they need.  This generates wasted time, fuel and patience for those shoppers that leave empty-handed.

This type of opportunism and profiteering during times of crisis is a despicable and selfish act that leads to supply-chain disruption, price-gouging, a lack of trust and division in society when the opposite is needed most.  It is anti-Canadian.  Please sign this petition if you agree.

A ban should be placed on personal for-profit buying and selling of consumer goods during an epidemic/pandemic. The law should deter this from happening by imposing appropriate fines on future offenders and should encourage the people who are currently in possession of these excesses of goods to expediently liquidate them at the same cost at which they were purchased or to return the products if possible.

This should exclude mom and pop convenience stores as this is normal practice for them to be able to supply goods to people within walking distance of their homes.  As long as they're not gouging they're part of a normal supply chain.  Another special consideration would be stores and people in isolated communities buying in bulk to supply their communities (normal supply chain.)  Other special considerations may be required.