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BAN Epidural Steroid Injections in Canada

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Canadian Citizens are dying and being damaged due to complications from Epidural Steroid Injections. Yet, the Canadian Government is sitting back and allowing this to occur. How many more people have to die before action is taken?

We have a Constitutional Right to Life. Yet, pain doctors are being granted the right to risk our lives and ignore the F.D.A warning of 'Death, Dural Puncture and Nerve Damage' on steroids labels. For lots of it. A Pain doctor will not even inform you of the risks you are about to be liable for. They are protected by the Canadian Medical Protective Association, thus, only a Scorched Earth Trial will result if a tragedy occurs.

WCB and WorksafeBC are forcing injured workers to undergo this dangerous, useless procedure. Threatening to cut off/ suspend benefits if a person does not risk their life. WorksafeBC will even go as far as informing an injured worker that the epidural steroid injection does not have any side effects! They know that this procedure is ineffective...yet its part of their conveyor belt. If the first injections do not bring any relief....more are ordered. With increasing damage occurring to the already injured person.

Doctors will tell a patient that they are safe and effective. This is far from the truth.

The most shocking part of this procedure is that it doesn't even work; less than 50% efficacy. With major side effects that can cause more damage, more pain and bone death. Healing does not occur from a steroid injection, one would be lucky to have a few weeks of pain relief...if that.

Deaths from this procedure are not even required to be documented, making this procedure even more dangerous. No one is being alerted to just how many deaths and damage is really occurring. Why is this being covered up?

Steroids are not safe for epidurals. They are so unsafe that Australia and New Zealand have BANNED this procedure. 

Its time that the Canadian Government stops allowing our lives to be placed in danger for no reason.

BAN the use of Epidural Steroid Injections. If other Commonwealth Counties can have regard for their citizens lives, then so can Canada. 

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