Ban all phone ads

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Cell phones have expanded and improved over the past three decades.  No doubt there highly useful tools!  Only problem is, that there are so many unwanted ads and pop-ups featured in phones very troublesome!  

I myself have a Samsung phone and I literally use it all the time! :-)  but ads and pop-ups keep appearing on my phone and they won't go away! They are extremely annoying and completely useless, as they don't serve any real purpose to me. Quite frankly, they're nothing but a bunch of spam!

Now I tried to get rid of my phone ads by means of Google and Google Play, to no avail! They just keep coming back and nothing is getting rid of the ads!

Not even any of the apps I bought could get rid of them!  These ridiculous ads are completely useless - they just don't have any value.  

The bottom line is, these ads should be illegal to put on phones, and I mean all of them!

People shouldn't have the right to trash someone's personal phone with a bunch of unwanted advertising and spam and all that crap! Yes all phone ads should be illegal in Canada. A lot of people have the same problem I have. Ads keep popping up on people's phone every time they open it or sometimes when they're it right in the middle of using it and it's annoying! I don't know who is responsible for these ads showing up on phones but whoever it is had no right to do this and they should be forced to pay a big fine if they put ads on other people's phone. I want all phone apps to be blocked from phones on Canada whether they are adware or spam or third-party promotions. I don't wanna see phone ads ever again! These are OUR phones! If we don't want a bunch of ads or pop-ups on our phone, then we shouldn't have to see them! We have the right to go on our phones daily without a bunch of useless spam being rubbed in our faces by these pig-headed bastards trying to promote their shit! No one wants it! If it's someone else's shit they're promoting then let them be in charge of promoting and advertising on apps they're partnered with. But DO NOT go putting a bunch of advertisements on our phones that have norhung to do with you and that you never got permission to advertise on phones in the first place!

I don't know about all you, but I am pretty sick of all these petty phone ads showing up on my phone, so I'm requesting that Justin Trudeau, the house of commons, and the canadian parliament will work together to outlaw ALL phone ads and block them from EVERY SINGLE cell phone and mobile phone in existence!

I hope that anyone who is found guilty of placing ads on the people's phones will be forced to serve jail time and pay an extremely hefty monetary fine as punishment for f****** people over with stupid ads which plague our phones like prosrate cancer! 

 Sorry if this petition doesn't seem professional, but I am hella pissed off with the stupid retard-ass ads. So please sign this petition if the ads frustrate you as much as they do to me!

Let's put an end to all of these phone ads, and whoever is responsible for them, let's put them in their place!

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