Ban all disposable / single use plastics in Canada

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According to CBC news, an astounding 4-12million tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans every year by coastal countries. That's the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic every minute. 

In the last two decades we've seen an increase in the debates on whether or not global warming is a real thing or if it's even caused by human activity. But as we get swept away in debates we are abandoning our basic responsibility to the waste we place in our environment. There is astounding evidence of plastic polluting our oceans and killing ocean life. Its estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. But even that alone is not enough to spark more responsible and sustainable lifestyle practices in all humanity. So what about the increased amount of microplastics that are finding their way into our sea salt and our food supply. I'm sure none of us want plastic in our children's meals. Don't we all still have a basic personal responsibility that transcends beyond just our front doors to ensure the space we live and share with other forms of life on our planet is as clean as can be?

It just does not make any sense to keep investing in plastics that are used for a few seconds but take hundreds of years to decompose. So why not make Canada one the world leaders in becoming just being cleaner human beings.  

I am asking our Canadian government to ban all forms of disposable / single use plastics such as plastic cutlery, cups, straws, and plastic bags.