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Award automatic Disability Tax Credit (DTC) certification to disabled Canadian Veterans

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Canada medically releases many disabled soldiers each year.

75% of medical releases are service related.

Canada has an obligation to give automatic approval for any soldier who becomes a disabled veteran. It would be a tangible reward for getting wounded in service. Sort of like a Purple Heart medal the United States uses but one that lets the disabled veteran gain a bit of parity with the non-disabled, levelling the playing field.

That is the purpose of the DTC. It is not a bonus to the disabled, unlike what many think.

The disabled have many extra expenses related to their disability that Canada chose to recognize through a tax policy.

That policy grants the few, 10% approval, a bit of amelioration from the detrimental financial costs to being mentally or physically debilitated.

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Our disabled veterans' deserve benefits like this. They placed their greatest asset on the line for all.

The offer itself should be seen as very selfless. The member did not know the future. He signed up out of his' desire to protect his nation, including Canada Revenue Agency as the soldier needs taxes to pay for their tools of war.

His' nation should repay this faith in our democracy with awe or at least profound respect as few are willing to die for their beliefs.

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