As a Canadian do you support the Kinder Morgan pipeline

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Our federal government claims that the Kinder Morgan pipeline is supported by a majority of Canadians. I do not believe this to be true. Kinder Morgan would increase tanker traffic from 60 to 400 tankers in Vancouver’s busy inner harbour, putting at risk 98,000 coast-dependent jobs, salmon rivers, wildlife, tourism opportunities, and the health of B.C. residents. The existing Trans Mountain pipeline has a disgraceful record of 82 separate leak incidents, including four major oil spills since Kinder Morgan purchased the pipeline in 2005. Climate impacts were excluded. The initial NEB review did not consider either the upstream or the downstream greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts of Trans Mountain—odd for a pipeline projected to add at least 4 MT per year from increased tar sands production. When the new federal government required Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) to do its own analysis this year, the ECCC assessment excluded downstream emissions and failed to consider global oil demand forecasts in a post-Paris world. This is inconsistent with Canada’s commitments to climate action and Alberta’s cap on emissions from the tar sands.

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