Allow access in Point Roberts, WA for Canadian property, boat & animal owners

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I, along with other Canadian owners of recreational property, boats and animals in the Washington state peninsula community of Point Roberts, WA (2010 census population: 1,314, area: 4.884 sq mi / 12.65 km2), a pene-exclave of the United States, am adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic border closure between the U.S. and Canada, recently (May 19, 2020) extended for a second time to June 21, 2020, with further border closure extensions deemed as fairly likely in various online press stories.

My diIema is I am unable to maintain or remove my Canadian-licensed pleasurecraft which is moored at the Point Roberts Marina.  I do not know how many senior citizen Canadians the circumstances described above affect, however, I suspect the proportion of them is significant.  The reality is that their, and my, time is limited.

In the case of boats, the downside of prolonged inattention could be needless environmental damage to the marina environment, the Salish Sea / Strait of Georgia and the Pacific Ocean ... from unattended boats full of fuel sinking in the marina.

In the case of animals (i.e. boarded horses), at the very least, health issues could crop up (through no fault of the boarding host property owner), resulting in the needless suffering and / or death of animals.  Animal owners with strong emotional ties to their charges are suffering in a manner unique from, but in addition to, that borne by the rest of us.

I propose a special dispensation allowing Canadians access to their property, boats and animals in Point Roberts, WA to perform maintenance, removal or care functions under controlled conditions, i.e. no contact with local residents for business or pleasure purposes.