Allow access in Point Roberts, WA for Canadian property, boat & animal owners

No doctors or scientists can eliminate this Covid-19 virus completely from this planet. Many medical experts have already said that even if you have two doses of the vaccine, you can still get sick or die depending on how healthy you are. So what is the point of closing the borders when the virus is in every countries, cities, towns, and villages as well as in our sewage system? This virus is all around us and nobody can kill it entirely. There is NO logic of having a lockdown here. This virus can no longer be contained in any way no matter what the government decided to do. This virus is here to stay so we might as well accept our fate. If you are meant to live, you will live, if you are meant to die from this virus, you will die. People will continue to die with or without science intervention. This is the work of Mother Nature. There is no way to escape this reality no matter how you look at it. This is just a fact.

Chris Falcon, Vancouver, Canada
2 months ago
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